How to Use a CatSizor Nail Grinder
If you want to keep your cat's nails trimmed without having to pay expensive visits to the groomer, consider trying a CatSizor nail grinder!

Each grinder has a cylinder-shaped body with a grinding head at the top, which is used to shorten the cat's nails. While these tools are not particularly difficult to use, there are some safety precautions to take, as well as a few specific techniques you'll need to master in order to get professional-looking results.
Using a grinder can be dangerous, so the first thing you want to do is to make sure there will be no hair in the way. If your cat has long hair, you will need to band it back to ensure that it doesn’t get caught in the grinder's spinning tip. If your cat has long hair on his paws and between his foot pads, it's best to trim the hair first to lessen the risk of catching it in the grinder.
Usually, cats get used to our device right away, but in some cases, it can take several days of intensive work with the cat. This is why we have prepared the “How to use” detailed instruction for even the most sensitive cats: 
  • After purchasing the grinder, first unpack it and put it in an accessible place so that your cat can see it. Let them sniff it and get to know it.
  • Then, when your cat comes to you, pick up the grinder, but do not turn it on. Once again, let your cat get used to seeing the device being held in your hands. Repeat this process a few times over a day or several days without turning the grinder on.
  • When you notice that your cat is no longer afraid of the grinder and it has become familiar with it, turn it on. Once turned on, do not rush to use it but rather watch your cat’s reaction. If your cat is still scared, turn on the grinder several times a day anywhere in the house, but away from the cat. In this way, the cat will get used to the device and its sound. Even though our grinder makes almost no noise, particularly sensitive cats can be afraid of even such a minimal noise. Regardless of whether your cat is afraid of the device or not, talk to your cat, pet and give your cat some treats. Show your cat a picture that a nail grinding procedure is just a pleasure. We guarantee that with a little patience, even the most sensitive cats will get used to the device and will not be stressed by it.
  • ​When you notice that your cat is no longer afraid of the device and its noise, you can gradually start grinding your cat’s nails. Please note that you should not overdo it but rather do it in stages: try to cut one nail first. Give your cat a treat, pet and watch the reaction. If you notice that your cat has not responded at all, start grinding the other nails but keep watching their reaction. If you notice that your cat has become scared at some point, stop grinding and reward your cat with treats. The next day, try the procedure again, but this time work on the other nails that you didn't touch before.
  • ​This way, step by step, your cat will get used to the device. From that moment, the nail grinding procedure will become like a SPA treatment or meditation while sitting in front of the TV for both you and your cat. 
  • Introduce the nail grinder to your cat. Gently pet him with it and ensure a positive first impression of the device. You may want to do this for several sessions before introducing it as a nail grinder or before turning it on.
  • Turn on the nail grinder. Slowly introduce the device to your cat, let him sniff and touch it, and hear the sound of the spinning head. You may also want to do this over several sessions before using it on your cat's nails.
  • After your cat is used to the nail grinder turned on – use it to trim his nails. Hold your cat's paw in one hand and gently squeeze it to extend the nails from their resting retracted position. Start grinding from the inside-curve side of the nail at a 45-degree angle. Grind very thin slices off the top of the nail until it is rounded and smooth. The good news is that the more diligent you are about trimming, the more the quick will regress into the nail, allowing you to cut shorter each time. 
  • Repeat for each nail. Don't forget the dewclaw on the front paws.
  • ​Although you will take great care not to hurt your pet, sometimes accidents happen, and you might cut or grind into the quick. Have silver nitrate products on hand – you can get them at your veterinarian's office or pet store. You can also use flour or cornstarch to stop the bleeding. If that doesn't work, apply a light bandage for about 15 minutes. If the bleeding continues, call your veterinarian.
There are several advantages to using a grinder versus a standard cat nail trimmer

Grinding is virtually painless when it's done properly, although your cat may need to become accustomed to the vibration of the grinder head against his nails.

You can get a nice, smooth tip that looks quite natural, rather than the jagged tips that many trimmers leave behind.

You're far less likely to expose the nail’s quick and cause bleeding.

I hope this gives you a better idea of how to use a CatSizor nail grinder on your cat. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email at